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Empower Patients and Professionals with  Artificial Intelligence to make healthcare affordable, accessible and effective.

About us


Our founders came together with only vision in mind - Deploy AI and help millions of patients to get diagnosis and manage their medical conditions. 

We have started with Dermatology as it is a very visual specialty. We have developed number Dermatology AI and NLP tools which helps Patients directly, Family Doctors to make a diagnosis and mange their skin conditions and make Dermatologists life easy by providing all the digital tools they need to help more skin patients. 


Our Timeline

 United Kingdom



Great Portland Street 

London W1W 5PW

Phone: 02039 838389

Email: raghu@aiklu.com

229, 9th Main

HSR Layout

Bangalore 560102

Phone: 02039 8383898

Email: namrata@aiklu.com