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Democratising Healthcare for Millions around the world

Using Deep Technology and Digital tools we create health platforms for medical professionals and patients. We deliver effective monitoring tools  for medics and self care tools for patients. 


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Deep Technology company deploying Decision support and Augmented Reality tools on Digital  Platforms for professionals and Patients in the real world enhancing healthcare for millions

Aiconic Skin is a Technology backed Skin Services creating the best combination of medical and technology expertise developed over the last 2 years. Founded by eminent Dermatologists  and Medical Entrepreneurs in the UK, Aiconic currently has expanded beyond the UK to India. 

Aiconic Skin delivers its services through Mobile Apps which allows booking of patient appointments for the Clinics, tele-consultations for various countries and remote advice via online details submissions. The apps are integrated with tools to help Dermatologists quickly analyse the patients, not miss the important details and get more accurate advice and treatment for patients. 

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Finding solutions for one problem after another, and reducing the healthcare delivery burden one step at a time

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Why AI For Medicine

Passion  to serve millions

Aiklu's founders are experts in their field of medicine, technology and startup growth. They came together with a common vision of taking healthcare to the masses. With their experience of serving patients and business development, they saw the opportunity where technology met medicine and the futuristic vision where patients self manage their medical conditions with the help of AI. 

;With the expansion of mobile networks in remote parts of the world where healthcare is not  accessible easily, the founders saw how easy it was to take healthcare to pattients via remote services via video consultations and self care using Artificial Intelligence tools. 

All the medical services backed up by regulatory approvals and ultra secure mobile apps

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We’re a Global Company

We are London based Healthcare technology company. We are registered in the UK to deliver regulated medical services and also in India. 

Our mobile apps are global platforms which will facilitate to onboard professionals globally over time. 

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It takes the world's best talent to change the game.

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