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Our Technology

We have developed a range of Artificial Intelligence Technology. We started with Decision support tools for Non Dermatologists to help diagnose skin conditions and now progressed to using Natural Language Processing to help provide after care by all specialists. Automation in our app facilitates effective self care by patients and reduced workload for professionals. 



Aiconic Skin Triage

Using over 100,000 images we have developed Image recognition tools which combined with NLP helps Non Dermatologists get to a differential diagnosis in seconds and also reduces workload of the Dermatologists by getting the patients to give extensive details of their skin problem.


Acne Coach

Three Image recognition technology grades the acne accurately, Video diagnosis shows spot diagnosis and Intelligent algorithms gathers information about previous treatments to suggest the right next step. 

To top it all NLP helps with day to day management and aftercare for acne patients by Beauticians, Aesthetic Practitioners, Non Dermatologists and Dermatologists. 

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