AI Triage for

Skin Conditions




Free Automated Reports

Download our free app. Dont even login to the app. You can use our diagnosis service without having to give any of your details. Only you will know what your skin problem is. 

Upload 4 pictures from your phone directly. No fussing about the height or exact way to take your pictures. Just make sure that there is enough light to show what skin problem you have. 

Add a short video to improve what the machine can look at to make a diagnosis. This is not mandatory. 


Corrected Diagnosis by Specialists

And just wait for a few seconds. Based on your location and your server you will get what the trained machine thinks your diagnosis is. It will also tell you what the accuracy of the diagnosis is too. 

Sometimes we have to ask you a few questions so that we can improve the accuracy of the diagnosis. It will just be a few questions prepared by the most advanced computers. So wont take long. 


Pay for Prescriptions and Treatment

If you need treatment then login and fill your details. We have to check your identity before providing any treatment advice. But go ahead and book the appointment with your dedicated Dermatology panel who will then talk to you over a video or audio call. 

Dont have to visit the pharmacy anymore. Once your identity and address is verified we will send medications home to you. 

Artifical Intelligence


Aiconic Triage


We bring to the table a  formidable group of Tech and Medical Team to give you this amazing tool. We are on our 3rd version of our AI Tool and use a unique patentable funelling technique to bring the magic you can see in the demo below. 

Our foot soldiers have collected images all over the internet and modified it enough to allow the machine to train itself. We have spend months on tweaking the algorithms which make it possible for you to get amazed about what Artificial Intelligence can really do to help you and the medical world. 


We have started off with providing you a tool in the palm of your hand which can help you know instantly and accurately what skin condition you may have. Our vision is to change the way the patients access their doctors and get advice and medications. 

Our vision is to continue to build technology around this where we can have a connected world but still data stays in your own hands. 

We will build tools where patients can self diagnose and self manage their own skin conditions with minimal support and help from doctors even in the most remote parts of the world. 


We have used the best of the Deep Learning tools (machines which teach themselves) to create this amazing product. We will continue to use other components of Artificial Intelligence some of which need training. We will deliver these diagnostic tools through your home voice assitants (alexa, siri) and through cameras which will have our trained machine chips in them. 

Most importantly our technology will keep the privacy you deserve and deliver the care in a very secure manner.