Hemal Bhagwan
MPharm, MBA
Hemal Bhagwan Mugshot Headshot.png

Hemal Bhagwan is a Consultant Pharmacist with experience ranging from research and development to front line patient care and has a sound understanding of the UK healthcare landscape. Hemal has held Senior Management roles in Pharmaceutcials, Medical Devices and Data Analytics and has a track record of impactful product and service delivery into the UK, via innovative market access channels and collaborative working. Hemal has worked with various public and private sector organisations across the UK healthcare landscape and consults with large and international firms to evaluate market opportunities in the UK. Hemal’s skillsets revolve around creating value propositions, market access, revenue streams, business strategy and building high-performing teams in the healthcare space.


Hemal has most recently been working with the top global consulting and private equity firms to evaluate commercial and market access opportunities and has been responsible for devising strategies, value propostions and budget impact models to gain access and secure market share. Hemal has also helped healthcare providers incorporate technology into their business for data enabled clinical output and increase resource efficiency, whilst facilitating a seamless end-to-end process for service users. Hemal leads the London NHS England Pharmacist Entrepreneur group where he has sat on interview panels as the commercial lead to assess capital requirements, trajectories, and financial forecasts for various disruptive digital health technologies.


Hemal’s most recent industry role was London Regional Business Manager for GlucoRx, in the fast-paced medical device and generic pharmaceuticals market. Hemal was accountable for business development across the Capital, business management, budgets, health economics and sales team training. He gained formulary approvals and built and led a team to secure market share of 90% in London. Hemal has gained awards for exceeding sales forecasts at GlucoRx and AstraZeneca.


Hemal is a highly skilled pharmacist with Medicines Optimisation experience. He has implemented and delivered projects into 160 NHS organisations, in over 40 Clinical Commissioning Groups, creating revenues of £5M. He has reviewed over 20,000 patients and his experience in data and audit gives him unique experience to analyse medication characteristics, product positioning, create patient profiles, and make decisions based on critical appraisal of evidence hierarchies. He has also worked on the front line in community and hospital settings to see the direct impact of these decisions on patient quality of life and patient safety, which include access to medication, managing patient transition, MHRA reporting and Service Level Agreements (SLAs).


Hemal has developed and managed many busy high street Pharmacies. He has developed and delivered profitable public and private services and has received a National Pharmacy Award (NPA) for implemeting a ‘profitable way of working’. Hemal has received an award for consistent delivery and developing the strongest team in the country. Hemal has also been actively involved in the wholesale of pharmaceuticals in the UK and internationally and his keen interest in manufacturing has led him to develop products to drive new business.


Prior to this Hemal had worked in Formulation (R&D) at GlaxoSmithKline, for an inhaler which was launched in 2014. He has also developed and gained marketing authorisation for a natural emollient.


Hemal has a passion for business and creating businesses that address needs of large populations.